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Installing artificial grass in winter

Post Date: 31/01/2019

There’s no better time to install your easy maintenance artificial grass in Derbyshire than during these winter and autumn months and while we appreciate that thinking about the perfect garden while its cold, raining and even snowing outside is a strange concept, there’s a multitude of reasons to get to work now.

Be summer ready

When the first day of spring hits and you want to relax, or the kids want to play in the garden you don’t want to be hit by a mud bath or crisp brown grass. By installing your artificial grass in Derbyshire during the winter months you’re guaranteed to be ready for making the most of the British sunshine.

Avoid the queues

Nobody likes waiting, but unfortunately in the summer months our teams are under high demand to be out fitting artificial grass lawns across Derbyshire, but by installing artificial grass during the winter months, this will be after our normal peak season, meaning we can reduce the lead time on your garden. Simply enquire, place on order and be impressed at how quickly you’re outside enjoying your new artificial lawn.

Save your energy

Our team at Artificial Grass Derbyshire is experienced with installing grass in most weather conditions, from freezing temperatures to hot and humid summer days, but if you decide to fit your own new lawn, the weather can make the physical demand on your body much higher. In summer the ground can dry up due to less rain and therefore be much harder to dig up, meaning many people prefer to work after rain fall in autumn/winter; however, this same hard ground can be experienced in freezing temperatures in winter, but don’t worry our experienced landscapers are always on hand to help with this.

Avoid a muddy lawn

We’ve found that post-summer is when most of our customers experience wet and muddy lawns, which can often result in weeks or even months of unusable lawn space but by using Artificial Grass Derbyshire during this time, you can avoid months of disappointment when it comes to enjoying your garden to its full potential. If you’re eager to get summer ready with an easy maintenance solution from Artificial Grass Derbyshire, contact us today.