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Cleaning food stains, pet waste and other accidents from your artificial lawn

Post Date: 22/06/2018

Artificial grass for pets is a great idea, as dog and cat owners can rest easy in the knowledge that very little additional lawn maintenance is required. All our artificial grasses are suitable for either cats or dogs.

To remove pet droppings, simply use a pooper scooper or plastic bag to pick up the waste, then hose down the area with clean water. To clean pet urine from artificial grass, use a hose to spray down the area weekly. This job is made easier by the fact that most animals have a preferred spot to relieve themselves in! Some artificial grass owners have a separate “pet bathroom” area made from gravel or dirt in another area of the garden. For a truly custom fit for you and your pet, let your installer at Artificial Grass Derbyshire know about you and your animal’s needs when you ask for a quote.

At Artificial Grass Derbyshire, we understand that accidents happen. An outdoor dinner party or BBQ might end up in the odd red wine or ketchup spillage, a trip or fall may lead to a blood stain on your lawn or, sticky substances such as chewing gum may even get trodden on. Most of these stains can be easily rinsed away with warm water and a mild, natural detergent. However, sticky substances such as chewing gum can be removed by freezing the item with ice and then removing with a blunt plastic knife.

Remember not use harsh chemicals or solvents to clean your artificial grass, instead if you have a stubborn stain on your artificial lawn that cannot be removed by these methods above then please contact Artificial Grass Derbyshire for more advice. We’re always here to help.